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Air transport of rabbits


A very special transport has marked the end of last year thanks to our AirBridge to Uzbekistan. It was a transport of breeding rabbits from Italy to Uzbekistan.

The transport of animals abroad is subject to very strict rules, which must be observed. Our main task was to safely transfer 2520 rabbits, for them in the most pleasant conditions possible. At the airport in Mošnov, the rabbits were transported by a special car designed for animal transport. They were placed in special cages that complied with IATA rules. Trained staff ensured gentle handling of the cages and the temperature conditions throughout the transport were regulated to a minimum temperature of 15-20 °C. The rabbits had enough food and water during the whole way. The transport was preceded by the provision of all the necessary documents. Phyto certificates and Certificates of origin were key in order to permit the transport.

Transports can be very stressful for animals in general. We tried to do our best to make the way for rabbits comfortable and safe. In case of any complications, we were ready to provide the animals with suitable conditions and care in full. Fortunately, there was no emergency during the transport that would prolong or complicate the transport in any way. The shipment with the rabbits arrived in Tashkent in due time, from where they were transported to its owner.

Such was our first air transport of animals to Uzbekistan. If you are interested in the international transport of animals, including the settlement of all the related matters, do not hesitate to contact us.

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