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EGT supports education

At EGT, we are fully aware of the importance of education, motivation and practical experience for the students in the field of logistics. We are therefore very pleased to organize, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce in Olomouc and the High School of Logistics and chemistry, the opportunity for students to visit our company.

After a short theoretical introduction, mainly the practical experiences in the field were discussed:

- issues of various customs and other regulations in different destinations we serve,

- business growth of the company, coupled with the gradual expansion of our service portfolio

- possible complications during shipments

- storage and related technologies

- fleet, its maximum utilization and new trends

- and much more…

Students at the beginning of their studies were asking probing questions relating to the safety of the transportation and drivers, in connection to some of our more demanding destinations. They wondered how the political and varying security situations in destination countries effect the transportations. This year's high school graduates were naturally, particularly interested in the career opportunities and professional requirements for the new employees.


During these last few days, over 60 students attended our meetings and they left EGT with many interesting findings. Overall, the meetings were held in a very friendly and positive way, and we are already looking forward to our future cooperation with both future employees and the involved parties.

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