Our Employees – Our Cutting Edge

14. 11. 2017

At EGT we fully perceive that applying the most advanced technologies is essential and valuable asset for running our company. Also processes have to be implemented perfectly with attention to environmental aspect. Nevertheless, all our efforts and investments are worthless without another important resource - of experienced employees.

Public holidays in our destinations - October 2017

6. 10. 2017

Public holidays in our destinations - September 2017

6. 9. 2017

Public holidays in our destinations - August 2017

28. 7. 2017

The history of the term "logistics"

25. 7. 2017

"I work in logistics", " We provide logistic services", "Transport and logistics company," ... the word "logistics" is today used on a daily basis. Have you ever wondered how it appeared in our language and what are the origins of this whole economic field?


Public holidays in our destinations - July 2017

29. 6. 2017

Public holidays in our destinations - June 2017

30. 5. 2017

Transport & Logistic 2017

29. 5. 2017

From the 8th till the 12th May, the Messe München Exhibition Center was the venue hosting one of the most important transport and logistics trade fairs.

 Official statistics at the end of the fair showed the following record numbers:

Public holidays in our destinations - April 2017

5. 4. 2017

EGT supports education

24. 3. 2017

At EGT, we are fully aware of the importance of education, motivation and practical experience for the students in the field of logistics. We are therefore very pleased to organize, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce in Olomouc and the High School of Logistics and chemistry, the opportunity for students to visit our company.

After a short theoretical introduction, mainly the practical experiences in the field were discussed:

- issues of various customs and other regulations in different destinations we serve,