EGT express offer international transportation from 5kg consignments through to FTL shipments, throughout the EU and into our core destinations.

We operate a network of branches strategically located throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet states. They ensure each consignment is delivered safely and securely, with all necessary customs formalities dealt with by our team of professional logistics experts.

We run our own fleet of vehicle’s that adhere to Euro 5 or 6 standards as a minimum, along with ensuring that we cooperate with carriers operating with similar principles to ourselves ensuring quality, security and performance to each transportation we perform. We provide each of our clients the ability to track the progress of their cargo, throughout the entire logistics chain from collection through to delivery. We also give regular updates of the transportation though a variety of platforms enabling our clients to be informed at all times.


Our key focus is on Road transportation from the EU to far Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union C.I.S, the countries of the Caspian as far East as Mongolia.

We also regularly perform:

  • Rail
  • Sea
  • Air
  • Multimodal transportation

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Since EGT’s inception in 1995, customs have been the backbone and where we founded our roots, this has steadily grown into the company we are today. We now offer a complete logistics solutions with branches strategically located throughout our network of destinations.

Since 2010, we are members of:

  • Association of Forwarding and Logistics of the Czech Republic,
  • FIATA,
  • Chamber of Commerce of CR
  • Chamber for Economic Relations with CIS
  • ČESMAD Bohemia.


In 2016, we had the opportunity to relocate into our own purpose-built logistics centre in Velká Bystřice, near Olomouc. The new centre allows us to meet the growing number of shipments we handle on a daily basis. As a logistics centre, it houses not only our logistics teams, customs office but also our main warehousing unit in one location, allowing the ease of communication between each department ensuring a fluid way of communication within our company.

 For a bespoke solution to your logistic needs please do not hesitate to contact us on +420 585 716 399