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Air Transport from EU to China

EGT offers you regular flight service from EU and around the world to Ürümqi, China

With Eastern destinations being our core business, we have implemented a new exclusive regular air service, which allows you to export to China twice a week. EGT is exclusive agent, offering this service from Ostrava, Czech Republic to Chinese Ürümqi.

Building on the need for regular connections with China the new service allows clients benefiting from the combined services we operate in the EU to utilize the new service for an alternative approach to the way in which they deal with their requirements for shipping to western China.

We always provide comprehensive services and ensure loading, handling, customs procedures and insurance  and more. Our offer also includes online cargo tracking. Any of the services above can be combined with the services we operate allowing for a smooth transition of goods in a timescale that fits.

  • Warehousing
  • Bonded Warehouseing in various EU locations
  • Pick and Pack
  • Customs procedures

With operations in all EU countries we complete the connection for customer and supplier for our clients in a professional manner. 


Practical information

Airport information:

Departure: Leos Janacek Airport Ostrava (OSR)
Arrival: Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport (URC)

Flight schedule:

Departures from OSR: every Thursday and Sunday
Arrivals to URC: every Saturday and Wednesday


Boeing 767-300
Capacity - 380 cbm, up to 52 tons




Allowed commodities:

goods requiring temperature regime *
ADR * (* for selected goods)

Shipments: 1kg to 50 tons
Pallets: 315 x 240 x 240 cm, up to 3 tons



Download OSR-URC information brochure here

Contact us: aircn@egtexpress.com




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