Transportation and forwarding

Road transport

  • LTL, on a daily basis we perform transportation throughout the EU of consignments from 5kg which are either cross trade shipments or destined to one of our core Eastern destinations.
  • FTL, with options throughout the EU covering all aspects of cross trade shipments that need to be met, through to shipments needing to be delivered to C.I.S and Eastern countries we serve.
  • We can also organise express shipments throughout the EU on our fleet of J.I.T vehicle’s, along with EU we can also express cargo to selected Eastern destinations we serve.
  • Coverage to our C.I.S destinations are operated on a daily basis from our collection lines in the EU, to delivery on our own operated lines in the Eastern countries we service.
  • Each of the Eastern lines we operate are solely operated for the destination, we do not co load any countries ensuring speed and a quality of service to our clients.

Air transport

  • Transportation of selected ADR arranged
  • Selected destinations, we can arrange delivery from collection at sender’s location to deliver at the recipients address, by way of issuing an Air Waybill (AWB)
  • Arrangement of insurance beyond that of the air carrier responsibility 

Sea transport

  • Container delivery within the EU and beyond from various ports
  • FCL and LCL option
  • Door to door delivery arranged for selected destinations
  • Insurance arranged for shipments

 Railway transport

  • Shipments organized for transportation via EU rail and Asian rail network
  • Arrangement of CIM-SMGS-CIM change
  • Arranging the reloading from narrow gauge to broad gauge and vice versa
  • Selected destinations, we can arrange delivery from collection at sender’s location to deliver at the recipients address

 Oversize / Overweight OOG

  • We have permeant permission to transit various EU countries ensuring speed of transport
  • Possibilities to transport OOG shipments to all of our core destinations
  • Multimodal transportation options throughout the EU and Eastern countries we serve
  • Designated partner for a variety of Major companies into our core Eastern destinations
  • Own equipment for transportation of OOG 

Multimodal transportation

  • We can arrange a combination of Road/rail/sea/air depending on the nature of the request
  • Experience in multimodal transport into our core destinations for over 20 years
  • Vast networks of partners to enable shipments to be organised, ensuring competitive options