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Scope of our Service


Our All Risk insurance services allow for peace of mind when shipping goods to any of the markets we operate in. For a competitive rate with coverage that insures against the unexpected, please do not hesitate to ask us for our solution.


To ensure you have all the information needed to ship into C.I.S / Stan or Eastern markets do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. With over 20 years’ experience, we make shipping East as easy as within the EU.


No matter the requirement, our flexible warehousing combined with associated services allows our clients to benefit from complete oversight of the shipments we handle.


With transhipping centres, located throughout our network, we maintain a stable connection to all modes of transport. In turn the benefits provided to our clients have shown a consistent growth in the number of shipments we provide.


Cross dock

Cross docks located throughout the EU and beyond, we ensure the swift exchange of cargo with onward carriage, minimizing transit time for our clients.

Reverse logistics

With a QMS which constantly evolves to maintain the needs of our clients are met with a service which they demand, we find ourselves well placed to provide a service which our clients become to depend upon.

Pick & Pack

Our staff are trained ensure that the service we provide including Pick and pack, adhere to the quality management systems we have in place ensuring quality for our clients.

We can also provide solutions for:

Rail Freight

East to West or West to East, EGT deliver freight on time in budget.  

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Sea Freight

Over 20 years serving Eastern markets, we have the experience and network to meet all your shipping needs.

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Air Transport

Centrally positioned within the EU we provide an unrivalled service to the ever-changing needs of our clients.  

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