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Reverse Logistics

Our clients take benefit from not only the distribution services we provide to them but also the reverse logistics of their goods. Reverse logistics is generally described as the flow of (unused/returned) products, packaging and other materials that are shipped from consumers. Its importance is growing everyday. We understand the offer of the reverse logistics service as our social duty. Due to the close relationship with distribution, we offer a European service relating to the returns of goods to our clients required location, either manufacturing plant or warehouse, at destinations across Europe from either within Europe or some of our Eastern markets.

  • Empty containers & pallets are collected and consolidated for our clients, then returned to suppliers across the EU for restock and return.
  • EGT logistic solutions not only offer Retail & Manufacturing clients European distribution, but alongside the return of unwanted customer returns / faulty goods.
  • Pallet managements for various manufactures and suppliers is a task we undertake on a daily basis. EGT ensures the various pallet styles used in the supply chain of our clients are on location when required, whilst providing an up to date inventory for our clients.


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