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Road Transportation Solutions

With 3 strategically located hubs, headquarters positioned in the centre of the EU in CZ, along with terminals in LT and BG, we offer complete logistic solutions.

FTL/LTL options within the EU and our Eastern destinations, are operated by our specialized logistic managers. We rely upon our own fleet of vehicles alongside that of long standing pre-qualified and vetted contractors, which ensure all transportation we complete adheres to our strict QMS principles.

EGT’s fleet of vehicles operate daily in more than 15 EU countries, offering a variety of logistics solutions to our client’s needs. From road trains to mega trailers, we have ensured we can meet all market requirements for the shipments we are tasked to complete.

Express time critical shipments are moved on our own vehicles from major airports / ports to all EU destinations including ports / cities. Our express fleet are equipped for the full scope of services, including ADR/ T.I.R/ Frigo to name but a few. 

Our dispatchers and logistic managers can pin-point shipments due to all fleet having sat tracking along with all drivers being equipped with mobile technologies. This is something which assists our ability to ensure even with traffic restrictions or diversions we are always one step ahead of the delay with up to the minute traffic reports relayed. 

EGT can assist with all road transportation requests:

  • Full load shipments (FTL)
  • Part load shipments (LTL)
  • Groupage shipments
  • Express (JIT) 

With quality assurance in compliance with ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001 our clients can rest assured each transport is completed in a way which adheres to the highest standards in terms of quality and price.


LTL / Part load

Is your shipment not big enough to fill a small van? No problem. For an option for any LTL / part load transportation both complex and standard movements, do not hesitate to contact our sales team to provide an option tailored around your requirements. 


Do you need to deliver a full truck nationally or internationally? With the possibility of transhipment or direct delivery? Thanks to our own modern trailers and long-term partnerships across Europe and the East, we are well placed to assist with all your FTL requests.


EGT specialize in groupage to the destinations of Asia, the Middle East and Russia, with collections throughout the EU and daily departures to our core markets. 

Specialist transport

Oversized and overweight shipments are not new to us. Combined transport is just one way in which we maintain our clients receive the most effective method of transportation for their goods.


For any time critical transport, we provide solutions. Dedicated logistic managers ensure each transport we are tasked, is completed with the fluid movement of cargo and information. 


ADR specialists combined with ADR certified drivers and vehicles ensure our compliance with transportation regulations are adhered to. If you require ADR transport, do not hesitate to contact us.

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