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All Risk Insurance


EGT complete each transportation following our strict QMS system which include 18001 and follow the CMR convention as well as other natinal and international legislation and conventions. Whilst we take all proactive measures relating to the safety and security of our client’s goods, sadly unpredictable situation might happen.

EGT work alongside some of the largest carriers globally and whilst we do our utmost to limit and prevent any potential problems you should of course be aware of the following:

CMR Insurance 

The CMR convention is in place for all contracts involving the international road carriage of goods, when in transit between two countries and one of which is the contracting country. 

EGT Express CZ s.r.o. operates under the international conventions (CMR for road transport). Concerning this, all of insured events are examined in accordance with the articles of the relevant convention. We recommend to all of the business partners of our company to read and familiarize themself with the content of the main legal acts that regulate international transportation and the conditions specified in our transportation requests.

We mainly ask you to pay attention to the fact that according to the CMR the cargo is insured only on the basis of its gross weight (article 23, points 1-3 CMR Convention):

“When the carrier is liable for compensation of damage, the compensation shall be calculated by reference to the value of the goods at the place and time at which they were accepted for carriage (commercial invoice) and cannot exceed 8.33 SDR * per 1 kg of gross weight.”

*SDR (so-called special drawing rights) are supplementary foreign-exchange reserve assets, according to the current exchange rate 8,33 SDR = 10 EUR. This rate the SDR is set by the Czech national bank.




For example:

A cargo with a gross weight of 20,000 kg is according to CMR insured for the amount of 200,000 euros (20,000 kg x 10 EUR), when the value of the cargo is higher than 200,000 euros (for example 350,000 euros), the cargo must be additionally insured, because in case of complete damage or loss of cargo, the carrier according to CMR is obligated to refund only 200,000 euros (not 350,000 euros) and the customer loses 150,000 euros!

The above mentioned is important keep in mind, mainly in cases of the transportation of light and expensive goods.

The carriage charges, customs duties and other charges incurred in respect of the carriage of the goods shall be refunded only in casse of loss goods - in full in case of total loss and in proportion to the loss sustained in case of partial loss. In case of delivery damaged goods the carriage charges and customs duties are not refund!

 No further damage shall be compensate!


Additional insurance

To prevent unpleasant situations, our company offers you the possibility of additional insurance (so-called cargo insurance). We can insure your cargo in different ways:

  • 1.       additional insurance of value of shipments;
  • 2.       additional insurance of shipments on 110%;
  • 3.       additional insurance of shipments included also customs costs, freight and other expenses.

The cost of this insurance depends on several factors, primarily, the place of loadingthe place of unloadingthe mode of transportthe number of reloadingsthe type of the cargo and its cost. We have been working with European insurance companies for many years, so we are able to offer the best solution for you. 

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