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Dangerous cargo - ADR Solutions

Dangerous goods transportation is governed by a strict set of guidelines.

To maintain any ADR transport we undertake is completed with due diligence, we utilize in-house specialists who look at the class and group to ensure the transports feasibility and safety. We complete the transportation through our own certified fleet of ADR vehicles and drivers where possible. If there is the occasion, we must utilize a partner for the shipment, we turn to a specialist transport company to complete the shipment on our behalf, the partners are vetted and audited to maintain the strict standards to which we adhere.

Our specialists also assure that when shipping the goods, we follow safe loading procedures and the vehicles carrying ADR are planned to observe the strict rules that vary for each Class and group.

All drivers are ADR certified and have on going training to support the safe carriage of Dangerous goods. Our own fleet of certified vehicles for the carriage of ADR maintain that we are well placed to assist with our client’s requirements. When bringing new additions to our fleet we first ensure each vehicle is certified for the carriage of ADR along with being T.I.R certified. 

We transport:

  • all classes of ADR
  • except for Class 1 (We carry 1.4S) and Class 7


The following details show the limited quantities which are transportable:

Packing groups:

  • I less than 19.99 Kg
  • II less than 333 Kg
  • III less than 999Kg

As any incident involving an ADR shipment can have serious implications for both humans, animals and of course the environment, the safety is our highest priority. For any advice relating to the shipping of ADR /Dangerous goods, do not hesitate to contact us.

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