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Students' field trip to EGT

At EGT Express, we recognize the importance of education and especially practical experience for secondary school students. That is why we organized a visit to our company for a group of students from the Secondary School of Technology in Přerov, majoring in logistics and transport management. 

The students were first introduced theoretically to the company. They were introduced to its history and how it operates by the Destinations Department Manager Petra Doležalová. Among other things, she introduced them to the types of transport that EGT offers, the wide range of vehicles in our own fleet and the issue of customs and other regulations in various destinations. The students also learned how the right way of transport of goods should look like, what complications can occur during transport and much more. 

The students were then able to test their newly acquired knowledge in the fleet and in the warehouse, where they were personally guided by the Deputy of Warehouse Manager Pavlína Kachramanová. She also showed them in practice how warehousing and its related technologies work. 

At EGT we are happy to support secondary school students in the opportunity to get to know the professional environment of the logistics and transport sector. We hope that the students took away from the excursion as much beneficial knowledge as possible, which they will be able to use later during their studies and employment, and we look forward to further cooperation. 



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