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Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Two trucks of EGT Express with humanitarian material successfully arrived in Ukraine yesterday.

Humanitarian aid was organized by the Statutory city of Olomouc, which was joined by other nearby towns and villages in the Olomouc Region. The consignment was destined for the southwestern Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, where one of our branches and also one of the Ukrainian refugee centers are located.

The collection started last Monday in Olomouc in two places. Everything was ready on Friday and the shipments began to be loaded onto trucks. On Saturday, the trucks were loaded and our drivers set of with them. Altogether, there where two trucks with a capacity of approximately 24 tons, full of hygiene items, sleeping bags, mats, food, and other things. The estimated time of transport to the destination was approximately four days. Our Ukrainian colleagues informed us on Tuesday night that the cargo had successfully crossed the border to Ukraine. The entire cargo was unloaded yesterday. However, all humanitarian aid to Ukraine does not end by this. The Statutory city of Olomouc plans to continue the humanitarian activity and can count on the support of our company.

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