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Shipping to Azerbaijan

Available Services
Transport Types
  • Contact: azerbaijan@egtexpress.com
  • Departure Terminal: Velka Bystrice
  • Arrival Terminal: Baku, other on request
  • Transit time FTL: 8-10 Days
  • Transit time LTL: 10-12 Days
  • Required pre-advice: 3 Days
  • Transport types: General, ADR, refrigerated, oversize/overweight
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Information relating to Azerbaijan shipments


The routing we use for Azerbaijan is one of the following:

1. CZ > PL > BY > RU > AZ              

2. CZ > SK > HU > RO > BG > TR > GE > AZ     

3. CZ > SK > UA > RU > AZ                            

4. CZ > SK > HU > RO > BG > FERRY > GE> AZ

Prohibited Items


  • Narcotic substances, equipment designed to produce narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Drastic and toxic substances not regarded to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, equipment for production or processing of such substances
  • Weapons and ammunition (except those for which there is a permit), explosives, fireworks, equipment for production of such goods
  • Space satellite communication means, special means of secret communication and ciphers, equipment for production of such communication means, technical means designed to obtain information secretly
  • Wide-range radio receiving devices for conducting radio observation and radio supervision
  • Radio transmitters with the capacity exceeding the level established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Means of precious stone, gold and other precious stone mining, oil, oil products and waste, natural gas production and refinery
  • Ionized Radiation sources, radioactive substances and equipment for the production of such substances, radiation emitting devices, except for devices used for households and medical supplies
  • Literature and video material insulting the morality and laws of the country
  • Equipment for printing securities
  • Ozone depleting substances and products containing such substances




Customs services

We offer our clients solutions for the following:

  • EX1 / T1
  • Carnet TIR

Standard documents are required EX1 / Commercial invoice along with Packing list


Below is a useful link to the customs procedures for Azerbaijan

Main Delivery Points

  • Baku
  • Others per request

About Azerbaijan

Since commencing our service, we have offered our clients solutions for LTL, groupage, FTL full loads. Our solutions into Azerbaijan, include the transportation of refrigerated goods, oversize / overweight and ADR, ensuring all regulations relating to its transportation are adhered to. No matter the shape, size or weight of shipment, if palletized or non-palletized, we can assist.

With solutions from across the EU and Eastern markets into Azerbaijan, from 1 cartoon through to an FTL, we are positioned to be able to provide the most logical solution to even the most challenging logistic requests.

As with all our destinations, our scheduled Azerbaijan offer is a direct service ensuring customs procedures and transit times are minimized. Our local Azerbaijan office assures the smooth transition of goods, as well as coordinating with the consignee to ensure the effective delivery of the shipment.

In short if you need a competitive solution into Azerbaijan, do not hesitate to contact us to provide you with a solution built upon quality.

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