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Shipping to Mongolia

Available Services
Transport Types
  • Contact: mongolia@egtexpress.com
  • Departure frequency: Weekly
  • Departure Terminal: Velka Bystrice
  • Arrival Terminal: Ulaanbaatar
  • Transit time FTL: 16-18 Days
  • Transit time LTL: 18-22 Days
  • Required pre-advice: 5 Days
  • Transport types: General, ADR, refrigerated, oversize/overweight
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Information relating to Mongolia shipments


The routing we use for MN is the following

1. CZ > PL > BY > RU > MN

Prohibited Items

  • Uranium ores or concentrates Importation
  • The most (extremely) poisonous (toxic) chemicals Exportation and Importation
  • (Human) body parts or organs and donor blood (human blood) for therapeutic or prophylactic uses, requiring continuous supervision

    • Exportation and Importation

  • Firearms, weapons and other military equipment, their spare parts and accessories, and explosives

    • Exportation and Importation

  • Items of unique historical and cultural value

    • Temporary Exportation

  • Items of general historical and cultural value, animals or plants (fauna and flora), findings or collections in the fields of mineralogy, anatomy, archeology, paleontology, ethnography or  numismatology (numismatics)

    • Exportation

  • Pedigree cattle (live-stocks)

    • Exportation

    Hunting games (hunted animals), raw items of their origin, or their samples (tastes or probes) for research and development (for scientific testing or analysis)

    • Exportation

  • Animal (and livestock) sperms (embryo), cultures of micro-organisms

    • Exportation


A useful link for custom restrictions can be found below:

Customs services

  • EX1 / T1
  • Carnet TIR

Standard documents are required EX1 / Commercial invoice along with Packing list, we only go to 1 customs terminal Twshin for clearance

Main Delivery Points

  • Ulaanbaatar
  • Others as requested

About Mongolia

EGT ensure coverage of Mongolia for all of your shipping needs, operating Mongolia via road / rail / air on a weekly basis for any kind of cargo, LTL / FTL along with groupage movements our clients require.

We provide solutions for all manner of freight no matter the commodity or size of shipment, we assist with both palletized & non-palletized freight along with options for ADR, Temp-controlled, oversize / overweight shipments.

We provide you with robust solutions in terms of both quality and options available for collection and delivery in the timeframe given, we ensure freight is loaded onto an appropriate trailer to reduce costing. With options from across the EU daily, we provide unrivalled service for all you Mongolian shipping requirements.

For all manner of freight requiring an option for Mongolia, via any mode of transport, from 1 carton through to FTL, do not hesitate to contact our logistic professionals.

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