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Road freight service China–EU


Road freight service China-EU celebrates half a year and 100 transported shipments.

At the beginning of the year, we introduced to the market an innovative road freight transport from China to EU countries. After half a year of testing, we can say that this direct line is successful and the interest in it is still growing. Why is that so?

Our company offers multimodal transport solutions. Last year we offered transport of goods from China by rail, air or sea thanks to the direct railway connection and the air bridge with China. However, the newly introduced road freight from China produces several advantages and allows our customers to easily and quickly transport dangerous goods such as batteries and a range of liquids, ordinary goods, and goods with regulated speed. We have already sent 30 trucks from China and we have recorded more than 100 transported shipments (LTL and FTL). Regular weekly connections from China, through Mongolia and Russia to Europe will ensure reliable delivery to your destination within 45 days of collection.

Due to the high demand and insufficient capacity of rail and sea transport from Asia to Europe, we assume that there will be a growing interest in this service and it will remain part of our offer.

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